The Music of Matt Yannascoli

My name is Matt Yannascoli, and this page is a place where you can listen to some of my music. You must have Flash for the experience so please install Adobe's Flash Player and reload this page.

The scene is set in the New World, the wreckage of that which we know today. As advances in biotechnology gave birth to new methods of fusing humans and machines, a new breed of animal was born, a creature more powerful than a human or machine could ever be on its own. While this power was used for good, human nature would see that it was also used for bad. It is easier to destroy than create and as a result, the inhabitants of earth were forced to flee to survive, leaving behind only the unfortunate. The hopeful say we are the lucky ones although all I see is salt, dust, and ash.

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"Napur Remix" is a remix of the song "Nagpur" by Indialucia(